What's in a Floor?


Save Time By Choosing Prefinished Flooring For Your Home

Replacing your flooring can give the interior of your home an entirely new look and offer the opportunity to get rid of any flooring in poor condition. Suppose hardwood flooring appeals to you due to its timeless style and ease of cleaning compared to carpeting. In that case, it's wise to explore the differences between prefinished and unfinished hardwood.  Avoid

3 Buying Points To Consider When Selecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors remain popular among many homeowners. However, you may not always find a house with your preferred hardwood floors when buying it. You will have to hire a flooring company to install the hardwood floors in your new home. Although the cost of changing your entire floor may be high, the recurring benefits of installing these floors will be invaluable. Th

Why Marble Tiles Make Such Great Flooring Options

When it comes to more luxurious flooring options most people tend to think of wood due to the natural patterns and beautiful grain that you can clearly see for yourself in every different plank. However, there is another alternative out there that offers similar natural beauty while being very competitive amongst a host of other features that you seek in your flooring

What Makes Resurfacing Wood Floors A Good Option?

If you have wood floors in your house or even a business, resurfacing is one of the most common ways to revitalize them. What makes it a good choice to resurface hardwood floors, though? Anyone who's dealing with these four situations should consider whether resurfacing is the best option. Deep Surface Damage Generally, the best candidates for resurfacing are floors t

The Pros And Cons Of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

There is a multitude of flooring options that you can install in your home, including residential carpeting, hardwood floors, stone tiles, and luxury vinyl flooring. Weighing the pros and cons associated with flooring options is one of the best ways to help you zero in on the flooring option that may be right for your household. Read on to learn more about the pros an