What's in a Floor?

Why Marble Tiles Make Such Great Flooring Options

When it comes to more luxurious flooring options most people tend to think of wood due to the natural patterns and beautiful grain that you can clearly see for yourself in every different plank. However, there is another alternative out there that offers similar natural beauty while being very competitive amongst a host of other features that you seek in your flooring. Before you make up your mind one way or another, learn about how they can beat the competition across a whole host of different categories. Here are a few reasons why you should consider marble floor tiles for your new home.

More Modern Look

One of the main reasons why marble floor tiles are gaining in popularity over timber when it comes to luxury homes is that they look far more modern than timber. Wood is a very strong aesthetic choice that really harkens back to a much older time and creates a homely but very specific look. Marble floor tiles are much more modern and provide a clean look which you can decide to do what you want with. It is a great base layer for you to then build your house upon, while still providing that natural beauty you are looking for.

Incredible Options 

Timber flooring has a few different options that you can decide from, but nowhere near the amount that marble floor tiles offer. From different shades and colors to tiles that have unique patterns and so on and so forth. You can also choose smaller tiles for a room that might be a little less big, like a bathroom, or you can choose large, tiles that are better suited to your more open rooms. All in all, when it comes to customization and choosing a flooring material that will fit your whole home, it is hard to ignore how good marble floor tiles are.

Easier To Maintain

Wood, while decently strong, is much easier to stain, scuff, chip, and break than marble floor tiles. Everyday usage can cause your timber floors to start to age within a couple of years and then it will require a resurfacing of some kind, while the same cannot be said for tiles. Tiles are easy to clean up and spills of wine and other staining liquids can be simply wiped off. If a tile does break, it is very easy to replace a single one rather than having to refloor your whole room.