What's in a Floor?


Ceramic Flooring Misconceptions That May Lead You Astray

Tile flooring is a popular and durable option for many homes and businesses. However, there are many misconceptions about tile flooring that can lead to poor decision-making when it comes to installation, maintenance, and repair. Misconception: All Tile Flooring Options Offer The Same Level Of Performance It is a common misconception that all tile flooring options pro

Could New Hardwood Floors Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Did you know that the air quality of your home has a lot to do with its flooring? In fact, many homeowners find that their air quality improves when they install hardwood floors. Are you suffering from allergies or asthma, or are you simply looking for ways to improve the air quality in your home? If so, consider installing new hardwood floors. Here's what you need to

How Do You Pick The Right Underlayment For Laminate Flooring?

Most laminate flooring is installed as a free-floating floor, which means that it's not attached to the ground using glue or nails. This makes it very easy and simple to install. However, a free-floating floor needs an underlayment underneath it to act as a cushion and to prevent the boards from clattering when you step on them. When installing laminate flooring, you'

Need To Replace Foul Smelling Carpet? What To Know

If you have terrible odors in one area of the home and you think that odors are coming from the carpeting, there are some things you can try. If you have already tried to steam clean the carpeting and treat it with cleaner, but this hasn't worked, then get professional help. Have the flooring installation professionals in your area come in to give you a quote for new

Thinking Of Carpet Flooring? Here Are A Few Types To Consider

Carpeting is a popular flooring option for many homes, offering a range of choices from traditional to modern. There are several types of carpeting available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. From classic-cut piles to high-end tufted varieties, understanding the different types of carpeting can help you make the best decision for your home. Here are the com