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3 Reasons Vinyl Siding Is A Good Choice To Put On Your Home

If your home has old wood or aluminum siding on it now, you may want a change when you get new siding. One popular choice to consider is vinyl. Vinyl siding can give your home a fresh look, and it comes in several colors so you can change the color too. Here's a look at why vinyl siding is a good choice to consider for your home.

1. You'll Never Have To Paint It

If you hate painting a house yourself and you don't like to pay a lot of money to a professional painter every few years to keep your house attractive, then you'll probably like vinyl siding since it never needs to be painted. The color of the vinyl panels is added to the vinyl as it's manufactured rather than being put on as a top coat. That means the color goes all the way through the panels and it can't be scratched off.

Also, UV stabilizers are added so the risk of the color fading so much that the siding becomes unattractive is eliminated. You can forget about scraping paint and all the labor associated with painting your house because if you get vinyl siding, you won't ever have to paint it. If you usually hire a painter instead, you'll eliminate that cost and save money during your siding's lifespan.

2. You Can Pressure Wash The Siding

Caring for vinyl siding is easy since it can be pressure washed safely. However, it's important to use low pressures and proper technique so water doesn't get driven behind the siding. You can wash your home yourself or hire a professional to do it every year or so, and the siding will always look fresh and clean.

Pressure washing along with the right cleaning products makes it easy to remove stains and dirt without a lot of effort. You should avoid using abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads as these might scratch the vinyl. If you use a pressure washer, scrubbing may not even be needed.

3. You Might Make Repairs Yourself

You may not be able to repair siding that's high off the ground for safety reasons, but if a panel near the ground is cracked or damaged in some way, you might be able to make the repairs yourself, especially if you have extra panels left over after the installation of your new siding. You can patch small holes with a patch made from a spare panel, or you can replace the panel entirely if you feel confident that you know how. This could help you save money on repairs over the life of your siding. 

For more info about home vinyl siding, contact a local company.