What's in a Floor?

Save Time By Choosing Prefinished Flooring For Your Home

Replacing your flooring can give the interior of your home an entirely new look and offer the opportunity to get rid of any flooring in poor condition. Suppose hardwood flooring appeals to you due to its timeless style and ease of cleaning compared to carpeting. In that case, it's wise to explore the differences between prefinished and unfinished hardwood. 

Avoid Extra Installation Mess   

After going through the process of the installation of new hardwood flooring, sanding and staining unfinished flooring can create more mess. Sanding unfinished flooring can mean a lot of dust is kicked up, making your home unlivable during this process. 

Along with sanding unfinished flooring, you'll need to have the floors stained before completing the project. Prefinished flooring won't have this problem, making the initial installation work the only time you'll need to worry about a lot of mess at home. 

Prevent Odors at Home 

Staining hardwood flooring can come with different odors you may have wanted to avoid. If you have pets or children, prefinished flooring will already be stained and won't introduce strong odors. Since the prefinished flooring will already be stained, you can avoid a situation where you're introducing odors that can even be harmful to your family to breathe in. 

Get the Look You Expect 

Updating your home with new flooring can be much easier when you know exactly how the stain will appear once installed. Unfinished flooring that's stained after the installation means you'll need to choose a stain preemptively, leading to the possibility of surprise once the stain has dried. By choosing prefinished flooring, you'll understand what the final color is like and won't run into surprises once installed. 

Find Your Ideal Flooring 

If you've been eager to have hardwood flooring installed, the last thing you want is to wait a long time to find the flooring. Unfinished flooring can be challenging to find at most retailers. In contrast, prefinished flooring is the more common choice for consumers and is readily available. This means you can choose the amount of flooring you need and have it delivered and ready for installation much sooner. 

As you look into choosing hardwood flooring to have installed, you'll need to understand the differences between prefinished and unfinished floors. By understanding the differences, you'll be able to make a more informed decision about getting new flooring for your home. Shop for prefinished flooring with your criteria to set up your home with new flooring you'll love. 

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