What's in a Floor?

Need To Replace Foul Smelling Carpet? What To Know

If you have terrible odors in one area of the home and you think that odors are coming from the carpeting, there are some things you can try. If you have already tried to steam clean the carpeting and treat it with cleaner, but this hasn't worked, then get professional help.

Have the flooring installation professionals in your area come in to give you a quote for new flooring. Also, find out what is causing the odors and how the odors got into the home. Do the following.

Remove Carpet and Padding

The carpeting could be hosting a ton of different types of bacteria that cause odors in your home. Not only do you need to remove the carpeting, but you also need to remove the carpet padding. If the smells are the result of something that was spilled, then it most likely soaked through the carpeting and into the padding. This could have caused mold and mildew from the dampness and allowed bacteria to spread.

Treat the Wood Floorboards

Have the wood floorboards treated to kill any type of bacteria that is left behind. This can be done with latex paint and with disinfectant treatments. You don't want to have any new flooring put in the area until you know that the bacteria and odors have been treated properly and sealed so they aren't a problem in the future.

Install New Flooring

New flooring is the best option to get rid of the odor and make sure that it doesn't come back. When the flooring professionals come to your home to measure the space, make sure that you get quotes for:

The type of each material you look at will influence the price of the quote. If you are getting new carpeting, be sure to get high-quality padding underneath that will have moisture blockers to prevent odors from developing in the future. Any new floor you are considering should come with some type of manufacturer's warranty; discuss this with the installation crew before beginning the project.

Once you have new flooring in the home, you want to let your homeowners insurance company know so that the new carpeting is covered if something were to happen to your home and you needed to make a claim. You want the new flooring to be replaced properly and to be reimbursed for the new value.

Contact a flooring supplier to learn more.