What's in a Floor?

5 Reasons To Install Carpet Rather Than Wood Floors

If you want to install new flooring in your home, then you might not be sure whether to buy carpets or wood floors. While wooden floors have their advantages, carpet has additional benefits that might sway your decision.

What are the advantages of using carpet rather than wood on your floors? 

1. Carpet Has Insulating Properties

Wood flooring looks impressive; however, it doesn't always handle temperature extremes well. For example, a wood floor might feel hot underfoot in summer and cold in winter.

Carpet has insulating advantages that wood doesn't have. For example, it traps warmth in winter, so you won't have to walk on cold floors. Plus, a layer of carpet can help insulate a room. It stops warm air from escaping down through the floor or cold air from coming up into the room.

If you use a wool carpet, then your floor will have additional heat control benefits. Wool has a natural ability to breathe. So, it won't get too hot in the summer months.

 2. Carpet Is More Comfortable

Wood floors are hard. You'll feel the floor under your feet whenever you walk across it. Even cushioned products still feel like wood. If you want more comfort at home, then a carpeted room is the answer. Carpet is soft to walk on, and it has a natural bounce and cushioned feel.

3. Carpet Reduces Noise

If you've ever spent time in a room with a wood floor above it, then you already know that these floors can be noisy. Even just walking across a wooden floor makes some noise.

Carpet is a lot quieter. Its fibers cushion the noise you make when you walk across the surface. You'll reduce noise levels in your home and, if you live in an apartment, you'll be a better neighbor.

4. Carpet Enhances Safety

Wood floors can be a walking hazard. You can slip on the surface and hurt yourself. If you have kids running around at home, then they could have regular falls.

Carpets give you non-slip security. Their fibers give you extra grip, so you'll reduce the risk of accidents.

5. Carpet Has Cost Benefits

Carpet is typically cheaper than wood flooring, especially if you compare it to more expensive hardwood products. Plus, your installation costs should be lower. You can usually install a carpet much faster than a wood floor.

To find out more, contact a local carpet store, such as McSwain Carpets and Floors.