What's in a Floor?

Choose A Stain Color For Your Hardwood Flooring Project

Are you concerned about making the wrong choice when it comes to the color of stain that will be used to coat your new hardwood floors? You can acquire a good understanding of what stain will look like when the hardwood flooring has been installed. Use the following guidelines to aid you in the stain selection process.


If your project manager will have some leftover hardwood planks that you can have access to, you will be able to receive a true representation of each stain color that you are contemplating. Stores that sell hardwood flooring projects likely feature color swatches. First, stop by a retailer and look at the color swatches that are on display. Next, select a few of the stain products that pique your interest.

Many retailers sell small stain containers that are designed for use on small surface areas. Buy a few of these products to use as samples. Brush or wipe stain across the extra hardwood boards that your project manager did not utilize. Wait for the stain to dry. Apply a secondary coat if desired. Once the second coat dries, visually assess each stain color.

Color Matching

Color matching your stains will ensure that your new hardwood floors and other wooden items in your home share a cohesive element. A stain color that matches cabinetry, bookshelves, or a dresser will provide the uniformity you may be seeking. You can go about color matching in two ways.

First, you can use stain color swatches to find a stain color that closely resembles the wooden items that are already in your home. Second, if you would like to acquire a true color match, you can have a specialty stain prepared. Pick out a stain color that is similar to the wooden items. Provide a color matching technician with a picture of the wooden items in your home. The technician will prepare a stain blend that matches.

Floor Variables For The Future

Light and dark-colored wood varieties may visually change in the future. Some wooden floor products may lighten considerably and some may darken. The environment in your home, the amount of foot traffic that flooring endures, and the natural characteristics of wood may have a bearing on what type of transformation the wood will undergo. Choose a stain variety based on the potential changes that the flooring will undergo as time moves forward. Your flooring contractor can aid you with selecting a suitable stain color.

For more information about hardwood flooring, reach out to a local service.