What's in a Floor?

3 Things To Know Before A Wood Floor Installation

If wood floors are what you want for your home, you aren't alone. Wood flooring is a favorite of many because of its durability and attractive appearance. Wood floors also come with the added benefit of being able to be refinished, something that significantly increases their lifespan. If wood floors are what you want for your home, you have many options to consider. Here's what to know before starting a wood floor installation.

What Needs To Be Done Before The Installation

Before your wood floor installation, a few things need to be done to prepare the area for the new flooring. You will want to discuss this prep work with the flooring installer, so you know what's expected of you and what things they will be handling. Before wood floor installation begins, doors, baseboards, and any trim work that will get in the way will need to be removed. Next, the subfloor must be prepared for the wood floor installation. If your subfloors need to be repaired or replaced, it must happen before the wood flooring installation starts. 

Wood Floors Need To Acclimate

Another thing to know before installing a wood floor is that your new floors will need to acclimate in your home before they can be installed. This means that your wood floors will need to sit inside the room where they will be installed for a few days. Wood naturally has some moisture and will expand and contract depending on humidity. Letting the wood acclimate to the humidity levels in your home minimizes the chances it will move after the wood floor installation. Professional wood floor installers know the acclimatization process and will walk you through it.

How Much It Will Cost

You will also want to know how much your wood floor installation will cost before the work begins. There's more to consider than just materials when installing wood floors. While your wood selection will impact your bottom line, so will the installation labor. Most homeowners will spend $14 to $32 per square foot for wood floor installation. However, how much your wood floor installation will cost can vary, so get a quote before the work starts.

There are a few things to know before a wood floor installation. First, there's a lot of work that needs to be done before your wood flooring can be put in place. Second, wood floors will need to acclimatize before being installed. Finally, wood floor installation costs vary, so get a quote before work starts. 

For more information, contact a wood floor installation service near you.