What's in a Floor?

Ceramic Tile Flooring Is An Attractive Choice That Can Be Used In Any Room Of Your House

Ceramic tile is a popular material for homes. It can be used on countertops, walls, showers, and as flooring. The tiles come in many colors and different shapes. They also come in different classes according to the type of foot traffic they tolerate. Here are things to know about ceramic tile flooring.

Tiles Can Be Glazed Or Unglazed

Glazed tiles have a thin glaze layer on top that seals the tiles. If you buy glazed tiles, they won't have to be sealed once they're installed. If you buy unglazed tiles, they'll need to have a sealer applied to keep the tiles from soaking up water and stains. As long as the unglazed tiles are sealed after they're installed, they're suitable for use in the wet rooms of your home.

Tiles Come In Different Sizes

Tiles are manufactured from white or red clay. Then they're fired to make them hard. Since they are made out of clay, they can be molded into a number of different shapes. You can find ceramic tiles in planks, large squares, small rectangles, and hexagon-shaped tiles.

Each gives a different appearance to your home, and the size might affect function too. You might want the small tiles for a bathroom floor since there would be more grout lines to add extra texture and prevent slipping and falling.

Ceramic tiles come in different colors too, and some are made to look just like wood planks with added texture. Visit a flooring showroom to see all of the choices available in ceramic tile flooring. You're sure to find something that goes with your decor and sense of style.

Tiles Come In Different Grades And Prices

There are five grades of ceramic tiles. Grade 5 is the toughest and it's mainly used in commercial settings. When you buy tile for your home, be sure to check the grade. The lower the grade, the less expensive the tile, but the weaker the tiles are too.

The lower grades are mainly for walls or rooms that don't get much foot traffic. Grade 3 and Grade 4 tiles are common for residential flooring use since they tolerate moderate to heavy foot traffic that a typical home sees.

You can use ceramic tile flooring in every room of your home. Tiles are quite attractive, especially ones that look like wood or natural stone, so they enhance the appearance of any room. The tiles last a long time and they are easy to clean and maintain. They're a good choice if you have allergies since they are natural and can be cleaned easily to get rid of dust mites. 

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