What's in a Floor?

Two Great Types Of Commercial Flooring

Is it time for you to replace the flooring in your commercial space? Are you thinking of replacing your current flooring with another type, but you haven't decided what kind that is yet? Are you unhappy with the look or performance of the flooring in your business space and want to go a different way this time? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you'll want to read on some good commercial flooring types. Here's more on two fantastic types of commercial flooring: 

Concrete is a very versatile flooring

You might want to think about going with concrete for the flooring in your commercial space. One of the great things about it is it can easily be made to look so many ways. However, no matter how it looks, you will have one of the strongest floors available that's easy to keep clean floors. 

You want to apply a sealer to the concrete flooring to give it a nice shine and to protect it from damage. You can keep the concrete flooring in its natural state if you want the industrial look. You can have the concrete dyed, or you can even paint it any color of your choosing. Sealed concrete offers the following key advantages: 

SPC vinyl flooring is a great looking flooring with other good features

Stone plastic composite (SPC) vinyl flooring can be a great choice for all kinds of commercial spaces. It can work well in everything from markets to doctor's offices and other professional buildings. It offers many types of looks including wood, stone, and tile looks. 

This flooring has four layers, and they are the top layer which is the wear layer, then the vinyl layer, the SPC core layer, and the backing. Together, they offer you an eye appealing flooring that takes daily foot traffic well, and is very easy to maintain. Some of the features of this flooring include: 

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