What's in a Floor?

3 Benefits Of Polished Concrete

Your flooring solution sets the tone for your home and can completely transform your indoor spaces. It's no wonder homeowners often feel overwhelmed when they're in the market for a new floor. While your options are endless, you can only end up with one flooring solution at a time, so you've got to choose the best.

What if you could retain your concrete flooring and enhance its appearance so it looks like you have a brand-new floor? You've likely heard about polished concrete and have seen it at commercial establishments when you're out on shopping runs. If your concrete floor is still in good shape, you shouldn't go through the hustle of replacing your floor entirely when you can engage polished concrete services for a facelift. Keep reading to learn why this is something you should consider.

1. Easy Maintenance

Most flooring solutions need to be thoroughly scrubbed on a regular basis to prevent stains from etching into their surface. With polished concrete, you can maintain a clean appearance without putting too much effort into floor cleaning.

What's more, polished concrete is the ultimate anti-wax flooring solution that doesn't require any surface coating to give it a glossy finish. Your team of professionals will use diamond-segmented abrasives to give your floor a fine, glossy finish.

Once polished concrete services grid your floor down to its desired smoothness and shine, it remains presentable for an extended period. Factor in the durability of concrete, and you may as well forget about floor replacement.

2. Sanitary

For most flooring solutions, grout has to be used to hold the tiles in place. Over time, the grout starts chipping away, leaving openings in your floor where bacteria and viruses can breed. And no matter how thoroughly you scrub the floors, there's bound to be some water left in these crevices that encourage the growth of bacteria.

If you want to maintain a sanitary floor, you should consider installing polished concrete because its tightly compacted surface leaves no room for bacteria to grow. A simple cleaning routine is all you will need to clear out any germs and bacteria that might be compromising the sanitation of your indoor environment.

3. Aesthetically Appealing

More homeowners are catching on to the appeal of polished concrete. The smooth and high-luster appearance of this flooring solution drastically improves your home's aesthetic appeal. You don't have to invest in stripping treatments or undergo any extreme measures to maintain your floor's sheen. Simply mopping or vacuuming your floor daily is enough to remove dust accumulation and restore gloss.

Now that you know the benefits of giving your concrete floor a facelift, don't hesitate to contact polished concrete services, such as Deluxe Concrete, for the renovation.