What's in a Floor?

Why Nylon Carpet Is Ideal For A Children's Playroom

If you're planning to redo a child's bedroom or create a playroom for your children, you'll need to choose the type of flooring you'll use. Carpet is a sensible choice in this type of room, as it provides a soft surface for kids who will spend much of their time playing on their hands and knees. You'll want to visit a flooring supplier that carries several different carpet options so that you can choose the right one. Nylon carpet in particular is an option that you may want to consider, given the following advantages it offers:

It Resists Wear

Nylon carpet is highly durable, which is an important characteristic to consider when you're shopping for carpet for a child's playroom or bedroom. Your kids will spend a lot of time in this part of your home, and they'll likely often be running, sliding, and crawling around the carpet. You'll want to use a flooring product, like nylon carpeting, that stands up well to this sort of use. 

It's Easy To Clean

There's a good chance that spills will occur in your children's playroom. Some common sources of spills are toys like slimes, broken toys that contained liquid, mud from outdoors, and children who didn't make it to the bathroom in time. This is also a space in which kids may often enjoy refreshments, and one of your children knocking over their cup of juice is virtually inevitable.

Nylon carpet is easy to clean because the carpet fibers don't absorb spilled liquids very well. This means that when you come across a spill in this room, even if it didn't just happen, you shouldn't have much trouble removing it. Kids won't always realize when they've spilled something or may not tell you right away, so knowing that you can remove a spill with ease after the fact will be important.

It Can Be Thick Or Thin

When you assess nylon carpet samples at your local flooring supplier, you'll likely notice that this type of carpet can vary in thickness. You can find thick and plush nylon carpet, as well as nylon carpet that is on the thinner side. Each style has advantages in children's rooms. The former offers more comfort for small hands and feet, while the latter is flatter and less squishy, making it a better surface for playing with toys and games. A thinner carpet may also be a bit easier to clean than a thicker option would be.

Contact a flooring supplier, like McSwain Carpets and Floors, to learn more about the benefits of nylon carpeting.