What's in a Floor?

Tips For Picking The Right Kind Of Carpet

Has the time come to purchase new carpeting for your home but you feel a bit lost when it comes to what kind of carpeting to pick? Here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

Know The Different Types Of Carpeting

There are various types of carpet that you need to be aware of, which will assist in narrowing down your decision. The main ones will be loop, cut, cut and loop, and shag.

Loop carpeting is just like the name sounds like, where carpet fibers are attached in a loop fashion where the top and bottom pieces of the carpet fiber are attached to the backing. This creates a very durable carpet material but can cause problems where the carpet fibers get snagged and pull upward. Cut carpeting is carpet fibers that stick upward but are cut to the exact height so that they are all uniform in size. This type of carpeting pile tends to be softer, which is great for areas where people are walking barefoot. Cut and loop carpeting is a combination of the two styles. It allows for patterns to be made with the carpet fibers based on where they are cut and where they loop.

Shag carpeting is very different from the previous three types. While it is not as common to see it used for carpeting an entire room, the deep piles of this carpeting make it feel very soft, even though it is difficult to clean.

Know How To Spot High-Quality Carpeting

One way to determine if a carpet material is going to be high quality is to look at the warranty that is provided. A longer warranty typically means that the manufacturer stands behind their product, and you can have it replaced if it fails prematurely. You can also look at the density of the carpet, with how much carpet fiber there is between the top of the carpeting and the backing. If there is not much material there, it will likely wear out very fast. 

Know When To Use Different Types Of Carpeting

Some people want their home to have a uniform look with the carpeting, while others want to mix it up. Consider using a low-pile carpeting in places where there is more wear and tear, such as rooms where people enter from the outside, where it will be easier to keep the carpet clean and avoid damage. Stairs can also benefit from a lower pile, which gives people more traction as they go up and down the steps. You may want to select a carpet with a bigger pile for the bedrooms, where the carpeting will feel softer on your feet. 

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