What's in a Floor?

Flooring Trends: What's Hot For 2021

Are you designing a residential property for the purpose of flipping it to buyers? If so, then you know that the elements you choose for your flooring could be perceived as immediate deal-makers or deal-breakers. If you want to know the latest trends in flooring materials, then consider the following five suggestions. 

Faux wood planks

The wood plank look has been one of the hottest design features over the past couple of years. Homeowners gravitate towards faux wood plank because it enables them to enjoy the look of wood, without all of the tedious upkeep. As the designer of the home you're planning on selling, faux wood is a lot more forgiving to work with because you'll never have to worry about shrinkage. Best of all, you can create flooring in a cost-efficient manner. You can select materials, from vinyl to veneered wood plank. 

Laminate wood sheets

If you're designing your investment home on an ultra-conservative budget, then laminate wood sheets are your best bet. As the name suggests, these are rolls of laminate sheets that are imprinted to imitate the look of wood planks. Laminate wood sheeting is a lot easier to apply. Unlike faux wood planks, you won't have any plank spacing to concern yourself with. All you'll need to do is measure the perimeter of the room, roll out your laminate, and cut to size. Your new homeowners will love it because all they'll need to be concerned with is running a moist mop or duster on top of the material in order to clean it. As long as the material isn't exposed to extreme temperature or harsh cleaning materials, it should last in place for years on end. 

Geometric print carpets

Depending upon the neighborhood of your investment fixer-upper, you can get away with installing the latest geometric printed carpets. That said, think of a style that's classy and sophisticated. Also, try to steer away from garish colors. Monochromatic color schemes might work. At the very least, if you're going to experiment with a patterned carpet installation, then neutral colors could be your safest bet. Keep in mind that you want to attract buyers and not scare them away. 

Faux stone tile

Faux stone tile is another example of homeowners desiring natural looks without the hassle that comes with keeping up natural materials. For you as the designer, faux stone offers the opportunity to present an elegant, sophisticated look for your floors, without the price tag that comes with purchasing actual stone tile. 

Gray hued flooring materials

Gray flooring has been an "it" color for a few years now, and the hue shows no signs of going anywhere. It presents itself as a hue that appeals to a wide variety of homebuyers. At the same time, its tonal proximity to silver presents the color as a choice for a home buyer who desires cool elegance. You can take advantage of gray flooring when you purchase the hue in faux wood, faux-stone, or carpet materials. 

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