What's in a Floor?

What's in a Floor?

4 Guidelines to Follow When Deciding on the Ideal Commercial Flooring Solution for You

Choosing a type of flooring for the commercial space is different from choosing one for your residential home. The main difference lies in that the residential floor is smaller and more personal while the commercial one has more traffic and is open to the public. Some of the options for the business floor include tile, carpet, wood, concrete, and synthetic flooring so

Quartz Countertop Care: What You Need To Know About Quartz Countertop Maintenance

Quartz is a stunningly hard surface material, available in a number of colors and textures. It will add elegance to any kitchen. But once you install quartz countertops, what comes next? Quartz care after installation is straightforward but requires a bit of attention. You will want to care for your new quartz just as much as the contractor who installed the counterto

3 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Professional Restoration Services

Hardwood floors are usually a great investment because they are beautiful, durable, popular, versatile, and timeless. A hardwood floor is also a top flooring option for most homeowners because it adds warmth and boosts the property's resale value. Usually, hardwood flooring can last for many decades when it's well maintained. However, the floor can lose its visual app

3 Benefits Of Polished Concrete

Your flooring solution sets the tone for your home and can completely transform your indoor spaces. It's no wonder homeowners often feel overwhelmed when they're in the market for a new floor. While your options are endless, you can only end up with one flooring solution at a time, so you've got to choose the best. What if you could retain your concrete flooring and e

Why Nylon Carpet Is Ideal For A Children's Playroom

If you're planning to redo a child's bedroom or create a playroom for your children, you'll need to choose the type of flooring you'll use. Carpet is a sensible choice in this type of room, as it provides a soft surface for kids who will spend much of their time playing on their hands and knees. You'll want to visit a flooring supplier that carries several differ