What's in a Floor?

Installing Laminate Flooring In Your House

Whether you are needing to choose new flooring for a new construction project or renovate the building, there are many benefits that you can enjoy by choosing to install high-quality laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Is Resistant To Water Damage

Water damage is a common concern for flooring of any type. However, laminate flooring can be extremely resistant to suffering water damage. The vinyl that is used in the laminate flooring will not be susceptible to rot or swelling due to moisture exposure. While the laminate flooring will be highly resistant to water damage, it can still be possible for moisture to damage any wooden supports or other components that are under the laminate planks or sections. For this reason, it is still advisable to quickly clean up any water or other spills that occur.

A Laminate Flooring System Will Be Less Vulnerable To Staining

Discoloration can be an issue that will compromise the overall look of your flooring. Unfortunately, there are many potential sources of staining that could ruin the look that you were hoping to achieve with your flooring. Flooring options that have porous surfaces can be particularly vulnerable to staining. Pigments can seep into these flooring materials, which can result in permanent discoloration occurring. Luckily, laminate flooring will not have these small pores on its surface, which can greatly reduce the overall risk of staining or discoloration occurring. Not surprisingly, this can make laminate flooring a popular option for entry areas of a home and kitchens as it will be far less likely to stain as a result of spills or substances being tracked into the home on the bottom of shoes.

Laminate Flooring Options Come In A Range Of Styles And Options

The flooring that you have in your home will have a big visual impact on the interior of the house. Fortunately, laminate flooring can offer among the broadest range of styles and colors that people can choose. During the manufacturing process, this flooring can be given the exact color and texture that you are wanting for your home. For those that are wanting their laminate flooring to resemble tile or wood, this can be an important consideration. Additionally, this can be useful for those that may only want this type of flooring in a limited area of their home as they will be able to more easily find an option that will compliment the flooring that is used in the other areas of the home. 

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