What's in a Floor?

3 Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Professional Restoration Services

Hardwood floors are usually a great investment because they are beautiful, durable, popular, versatile, and timeless. A hardwood floor is also a top flooring option for most homeowners because it adds warmth and boosts the property's resale value. Usually, hardwood flooring can last for many decades when it's well maintained. However, the floor can lose its visual appeal and functionality or even show signs of damage with time, more so when proper care is neglected. When this happens, you need to invest in professional hardwood flooring restoration. See when you may need to hire restoration services for your hardwood floor.

The Floor Looks Discolored

Everyone wants the hardwood floor to maintain its appealing color. Unfortunately, the floor could get discolored for several reasons. For example, the floor might look washed out if it's exposed to direct sunlight for hours daily. The floor could also be discolored after absorbing water because of the oxidation process that takes place. You shouldn't entertain any form of discoloration because it damages the structure of your hardwood floor. So if your hardwood floor is discolored for whatever reason, professional sanding and refinishing can help restore it.

Water Damage

When the hardwood floor experiences water damage, it needs prompt restoration before the damage aggravates. Where possible, you should avoid exposing the floor to moisture because it quickly damages it. Most people stain or seal the floor to prevent spills from soaking into the boards. However, the floor may still experience water damage due to plumbing leaks and flooding. Fortunately, timely hardwood flooring restoration can help restore the floor's functionality and appearance. Don't wait for the floor to be warped or buckled because you may have to replace it.

Extensive Marks and Scratches

Various activities in your home can cause large marks and scratches on your hardwood floor. The floor could be scratched when rearranging furniture or even when the pets are playing and running on it. Your kids could also cause damage when they throw sharp objects on the floor. Sadly, most people don't think about the scratches until they become larger and spread over a large floor area. If the scratches are deep and have surpassed the stain, ensure you contact hardwood flooring restoration professionals immediately. By so doing, minor spills won't get beneath the stain into the wood, causing serious damage.

You may also need to invest in hardwood flooring restoration if the floorboards are moving or if the floor shows signs of excessive wear. And since the restoration process doesn't require a DIY approach, ensure you hire competent professionals to restore the damaged floor.