What's in a Floor?

Should You Get Marble Flooring For Your Home?

Are you ready to pick out a flooring material for your home remodel? If so, marble may be at the top of your list, but you may not be sure if it's right for you. Here are a few reasons why it's a good idea to install marble floors in your home. 

Marble Has A Premium Look

If you have a high-end home, know that marble is going to provide a premium look that you can't get with other flooring options. Nothing will beat the look of marble flooring if your goal is to have a floor that looks beautiful, so consider marble when creating a high-end look is a priority. 

Marble Has Unique Patterns 

Since marble is a material that is sourced from the earth and is not man-made, it means that every piece of marble is going to be unique to your home. Nobody will be able to have a floor exactly like yours, because the patterns in the marble are only ever made once. This is very appealing for some people, who like that the marble floor pattern is going to be varied across their home in a way that looks beautiful.

Marble Stays Cool

One feature of marble that you may not have been aware of is that it is going to stay cool to the touch. Marble is not the type of flooring that will naturally heat up, which can make your floors feel nice in the summer when you are walking barefoot across them. 

Marble Can Be Used With Radiant Heat

Since marble can be cool during the winter as well, many homeowners will install radiant heat in their home with a marble floor. The natural stone of marble works great for a flooring material on top of radiant heat water pipes since the heat is going to radiate up through the stone and heat the room of your home. 

Marble Is Porous

Be aware that marble is a porous material. This means that if you spill a dark liquid on marble flooring and do not clean it up quickly, it can absorb into the stone and stain it. You can seal marble flooring to prevent this from happening, but it's still a possibility if the seal wears off.

Marble Can Scratch Easily 

Marble is also a softer natural stone material, which can cause it to scratch quite easily. Be aware of dragging furniture across a marble floor, since the feet of a heavy object could easily cause some scratches on the surface that you did not intend to make. 

Talk to a flooring company if you are interested in marble floor tiles.