What's in a Floor?

Why Luxury Vinyl Planks Are Perfect for Kitchens Even in a Rental Home

If your kitchen has old flooring that makes your home outdated, give it a fresh look with luxury vinyl planks. This vinyl flooring comes in several colors and grain patterns so it looks like different species of wood. You can give your kitchen the warm and classic look of wood flooring for less cost and less maintenance. Here's why luxury vinyl planks are ideal for kitchen floors, even if you're living in a rental home.

Special Considerations of Kitchen Flooring

Even if you can afford hardwood floors for your kitchen, wood flooring isn't always the best choice since spills are a common occurrence in a kitchen environment. You need flooring that is water-resistant or waterproof.

Stone flooring resists water damage as long as it's sealed, but it's hard. You may drop dishes on the floor, and they probably wouldn't survive a drop on stone. Plus, a hard, stone floor is tiring to stand on for very long, and it can also be cold in the winter.

Vinyl Flooring Is Soft, Warm, And Resists Water

Luxury vinyl planks come in water-resistant and waterproof varieties so you don't have to worry about spills and drips from the sink or from food. Luxury vinyl planks often have padding on the back that absorbs shock so they are comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. This eliminates the need for unsightly mats on your kitchen floor.

While the planks are strong and rigid, they're also softer than stone so your dishes have a better chance of surviving when dropped on the floor. These qualities make luxury vinyl plank flooring ideal for a kitchen environment, especially when you consider how attractive they are.

Luxury Vinyl Planks Are Permanent or Removable

Luxury vinyl planks have a few different options for the installation method. If you're freshening up a rental home, try planks that are loose lay or that click together and float over the old floor. Since these planks don't glue to the floor, they can be removed when your lease is up.

You can use click lock and loose lay planks for permanent installation too. However, you can also opt for planks that glue down or planks that have a peel-and-stick backing. You might be able to install the planks yourself, but you can hire professionals to install luxury vinyl planks if you prefer since there will be cutting and possibly gluing involved.

When you need waterproof flooring for your kitchen, luxury vinyl planks are a good option. Plus, the flooring is so attractive, you might want it in other rooms of your home too for a seamless transition from room to room.